As one of Southern California’s leading full-service contractors, Darco Engineering is proud of the part we have played helping our region grow through significant infrastructure renewal. Darco’s experience spans a wide range of project types and industries including aqueducts, hospitals, community centers, amusement parks, museums, major movie studios, urban housing and manufacturing facilities. Our reputation for safe jobsite practices has allowed us to successfully build customer loyalty and positive community relations throughout the region.

Experienced Management
Darco’s success is directly related to the caliber and experience of our managers. A professional team is assembled to oversee each project from start to finish. Prior to the commencement of each job we carefully evaluate project scope, identify potential regulatory issues and address unanticipated construction scenarios so that contingency plans are in place. We strive to refine and improve our best practices so that we may continue to bring additional value to your project.

At Darco we employ state-of-the-art technology to efficiently manage our projects. We implement oversight programs that systematically track construction progress and produce accurate financial reporting and job documentation. The integration of technology allows us to better coordinate all phases of construction as well as ensure the timely processing of change orders, project submittals, billing and certified payrolls. We also utilize technology to address site security and environmental compliance. To learn more about our portfolio of advanced site monitoring options please visit the “Our Services” section of the website.