Project Name: Wetherly Properties
Project Dates: July 2013 – December 2013
Project Location: Los Angeles, California
Role: General Contractor
Site Profile: Deconstruction and Clearing of an Entire City Block.

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Project Overview:
Darco was commissioned to clear an entire city block in preparation for an upscale condominium development. The scope included abating and demolishing multiple apartment buildings, recycling all construction materials, as well as clearing and grading the site. Due to close proximity of other buildings, including a luxury hotel located in a prominent, highly regulated neighborhood, all work had to be done quickly, quietly and efficiently.

Project Description:
During the preconstruction phase, we reviewed the plans and the regulatory requirements, designed custom barricades, and tested all site monitoring equipment.

The on-site work commenced in July. We began by enclosing the entire block with 16-foot barricades featuring our client’s corporate graphics. Neighborhood aesthetics were further enhanced by installing perimeter landscaping surrounding the construction site. To address the noise, vibration and dust concerns, special equipment was installed to track the project site and adjoining streets. This included a live video feed, as well as noise and vibration monitors. Additionally, all asbestos was safely removed from the apartment buildings. The construction waste materials were identified, separated and recycled. Once the buildings were demolished, the site was graded, landscaped and secured in preparation for development.

This brings us full circle. Darco was chosen based upon our reputation and capabilities. Our team of professionals welcomes the opportunity to collaborate on all projects whether large, small, routine or challenging. Darco’s experienced management actively engages in all phases of planning and oversight, promotes a customer driven culture, approaches problem solving with creativity and innovation, and rigorously enforces safety practices.

We deliver on our commitments and are confident that our clients will be satisfied with the results and continue to partner with Darco on future projects.